Thank you for checking out the Sacred Coven of Wild Witches. We are an international, online working coven that welcomes all magickal traditions, all levels of experience, and all open-minded practitioners. This short application allows us to make sure people understand who we are and what we do as well as help us get an idea of who you are and if you will be a good fit.

We aren't role playing, we aren't just another online group. We are an active, working coven. If you are joining this coven know that you are coming into a true coven, despite being online.   
What's your name? *

What is your date of birth? *

We reserve the right to deny membership to minors.
The Sacred Coven of Wild Witches is an online coven that maintains its online home in a private member only website. Here we have forums, chat rooms, and how livestreaming events. Participating in the coven requires internet access and the willingness to regularly visit the member website to remain active. Do you understand this requirement? *

The Sacred Coven of Wild Witches is an online coven of working witches. We celebrate Esbats, Sabbats, work magick, and study together. We are not role playing, we are not using the word "coven" to be trendy or edgy. Do you understand this? *

Definition of "Coven": a group or gathering of witches who meet regularly; a secret or close-knit group of associates.

Do you have any experience with magick, ritual, witchcraft, or Pagan practices? *

It is completely fine if the answer is no! Please give a brief and honest summary of where you stand at present with your journey through the magickal and witchy landscape. 
The Sacred Coven of Wild Witches embraces practitioner of all levels of experience. Some are brand new and just learning and others have been practicing for decades. We embrace them all, support them all, and help everywhere learn more. Are you willing to accept people of all levels working with you? *

Since we do embrace all paths you will find both light and shadow in the Sacred Coven of Wild Witches. We believe strongly that magick isn't black or white but both and that life can't be all unicorns and lollipops all the time. How do you feel about the idea of shadow work, "dark" magick, and things that might by traditionally seen as spiritually dark? *

i.e. embracing rituals the honor and celebrate death during the dying part of the year or the use of figures like Lucifer and Baphomet; also understand that we do not see "light" as "good" or "dark" as "evil" 
The Sacred Coven of Wild Witches also welcomes people of all traditions. The Coven itself is eclectic and is creating its own coven traditions like how we do rituals, our holiday practices, and so are. We have practitioners we are Wiccan, Shamans, Eclectic Witches, Neo-Pagans, New Age Metaphysical Practitioners. Are you willing to work with and learn from people practicing differently than you? *

Members of the Sacred Coven of Wild Witches are expected to be active within the coven forums by participating in conversations, joining in activities, and attending rituals and other livestreams. Are you willing and able to be active and contribute your energy to the Coven? *

Please Note: members who are not active or who only show up when they want something may be removed without warning.

What do you most hope to get out of your time and experience as a member of the Sacred Coven of Wild Witches? *

If you have any other information, questions, or comments that you would like to share please do so below!

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